Nothing is too much trouble for the team.  They are really helping me through Covid19

- Beneficiary

Picic has given me the confidence to go to the shops alone….

- Beneficary

No one judges you here!  We are just ordinary people trying to create more kindness and a friendly place for local people

- Beneficiary

I alive going to our weekly catch-ups, it’s get me out of the house & I have made new friends...

- Beneficiary

Too many people suffer in this day a and ages so get the help you need to create a better life😁

- Martin Jones

Very helpful and informative

- Elaine Reason

I sent a PM to Helen this morning asking for advice. I felt awful intruding in her weekend but you know what she messaged back straight away, and within 10 minutes Helen rang me. We stayed on the phone for ages talking to. Helen you made me feel there are people out there who can help and listen. Helen is going to get back to me in the week once she has spoken to other associates who will point us in the right direct Thank You So So Much xxx

- Sue Davies

Would highly recommend always there to help in any way they can and offer support to those who need it ❤️

- Anna Skies

Really wanting to help others

- Emma Charnock

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