The National Lottery Community Foundation

Funding from The Coronavirus Community Support Fund, distrubuted by The National Lottery Community Fund, has helped Pi adapt our delivery of services to our marginalised and vulnerable beneficaries, during this Global Pandemic.

“Thanks to the Government for making this possible.  This fund enables us to expand and bespoke our services to  individual need.

  • Providing a safe and non-judgemental outreach service to enhance existing oprganistions within Halton.
  • Much needed equipment for our #Freely #Giving #Smiles Pi Care Packs ©
  • Amazon Fire Tablets with Alexa Voicecommand for our self shielding beneficaries, as well as those individuals that have returned to our community centre based drop-in sessions
  • A Listen Ear, Resources and Guidance and so much more.

” Its significant to our newly formed Telephone Comanionships services too, its vital and has proven an excellent way to promote inclusion.  We have supported lots of organisations in and around Halton since March 2020.  Providing these hand held devices, with voice command to allow Pi beneficaries access to human contact, within the safey of their own homes.  A chance to breakdown barriers of Lonelisess and Social Isolation, and last but by no means least, our ability to be a life line to those people in our community who have no family support.   The impact on our small CiC is enourmous and will benefit our entire community and organisation, we are extremely grateful”.  Mrs Helen Boyle Founder & Volunteer CEO

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